Daisy Duxe’ Matrix

matrix: A situation or surrounding substance within which something else originates, develops or is contained.

Daisy had thought it was a fantasy, a bad one, but a fantasy none-the-less. Nothing could have been further from the truth. Instead, she found herself tied to some strange apparatus, a fucking machine between her legs and a man she’s never seen before standing ominously over her. The more she struggled to get free the more coldhearted her tormentor became.

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Sex Swinging Jade

Master Blackthorne has returned and had brought with him the stunningly beautiful Jade Thomas. Sweet, innocent and totally delectable are the words that came to mind when we first meet her. You see Jade has aspirations of being a Mistress, so what better teacher is there then Wasteland’s first Dungeon Master. What Jade didn’t count on was Master Blackthorne insisting that Jade start her lessons by being his very obedient slave. Literally sex swinging!

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Delirious Domina’s Delight

Delirious Hunter is a classic switch.  She is not only a great submissive, but a fierce Dominatrix. In this scene, she catches Ava snooping around in her jewelry box.  After ordering her to strip naked, she gives her a good cropping and then restrains her to the St. Andrew’s Cross to receive a verbal dressing down and very hard flogging. As a finale, Delirious puts Ava through a series of orgasm denials and at the end, rewards her by giving her permission to cum.

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Fisted By Her Master

The evil Dr. Swallow has found his next victim to be fisted. Restrained to his medical table Sicilia has her labia clamped open so he can properly prepare her for his perverse and cruel experiments.

Playing With Human Dolls

Every man in his wildest dreams would love a woman that was just a living, breathing, dolls. A toy for him to manipulate as he wished, in any way he wanted. Johnny is living this dolls dream with Debbie. He even uses her to hold up a painting in a corner. But she’s good for many more things than simply a piece of decoration or furniture. He licks her face like a predator, he then decides to test her and bring her to orgasm…she begins moaning…moving of her own volition…and even has the audacity to have an orgasm and drop her Master’s Glass! More training is obviously required…

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Teen BDSM – Hot Salsa!

When the lovely teen Jade goes for her first Salsa lesson, she swears she knows her instructor. She questions him repeatedly, to no avail. Unconvinced, Jade confronts him with his true identity, “I know your Simon Blackthorne”. The statement is followed almost immediately with her attempting to seduce the now furious dance instructor. The truth of the matter is, she is correct. Master Blackthorne, unhappy with being exposed, decides that Jade needs to learn a lesson in politeness and respect, and so the punishment begins.

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The Bondage Bench

The Big Oxmox advised her not to do so, because there were thousands of bad Commas, wild Question.

Swing High, Swing Low

Goddess Starla has Violet right where she wants her – suspended in a remarkably complex and versatile Shibari rope suspension swing! This gives Starla great easy access to all of Violet for cropping, caning, flogging, and pussy play. After properly warming her slave up, Goddess flips her into a new position that allows her to fuck Violet with a strap-on, bringing her to a mind-blowing set of orgasms.

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Two Timing Slut Ava

Slut Ava drops in on Master X for a little playtime. Just as they start to get into it, Master X notices some bruises on Ava. Confronted with playing with another master, Ava denies any wrongdoing. Master X knows how to deal with such defiant subs. He yanks out his flogger and tans her hide red and that’s just the start of it. By the time he is done, Ava’s pussy is sopping wet and she begs for relief, but will Master X comply?

Alice In Wasteland

It’s a few days before All Hallows Eve and Alice (Trisha Uptown) is up to no good again. She has wandered off and in plain view of everyone, started playing with herself in the garden. Goddess Starla isn’t one to be toyed with and after discovering Trisha fondling the very pussy she owns, she picks her up by her ear and drags her down into the dungeon. Poor Trisha’s shrieks could be heard for miles around as Starla unleashes her fiery vengeance upon her.

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