Submissive Training 101

The Big Oxmox advised her not to do so, because there were thousands of bad Commas, wild Question.

Nyssa Nevers Swinging High

Nyssa Nevers is still having some issues with teasing all the boys.  How will she ever learn that that is just not ok?  Well, David, our Master Rigger seems to think he has the answer.  A lesson or two, maybe three and some mind-blowing orgasms.  That should be enough to let Nyassa know it’s just not nice to tease boys.

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The Kink Lower Floor

Welcome into the bowels of the Kink Lower Floor. Please remove your shoes, jewelry and all hopes of any understanding of what’s about to happen to your sanity. Our devious little Bella has spiraled completely out of control and has now transformed into a bitchy, demanding prima donna whose cruel intentions know no bounds. Fast forward and meet our two new submissives, Ava and Shiva. They are now about to be subjected to humiliation beyond what any self-respecting wrench should and have to endure. A fast-paced, and whole heartily laughable romp into the obscene scene!

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When Girls Wear Cocks

Today will be a good day for Leila and cocks. She has excelled at all her training and Mistress Jada is extremely happy with her progress. She has been a devoted student, treating her Mistress with the respect she demands. Today’s lesson is learning to pleasure a man’s penis. Leila, loves it when Mistress wears her strap-on. She fantasies that it’s a real cock, as she sucks it, licks it, tastes it. She feels her pussy become wet with desire and she knows what’s in store for her.

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BDSM Barbecue!

Master Eric X loves two things in this crazy world, flogging his sub and his trusty barbecue. Today is a special day, because he get’s to enjoy both. For Master X grilling is relaxing and great for stress, however when Sicilia starts whining for attention, Eric knows his afternoon will be lost. A quick thinker and a master chef, he must put hunger aside and put hand to ass in the name of peace and salvation. Master X then bends Sicilia over a stool, straps her down and get’s to work. Eric whips out his trusty tools of the trade and starts to flog Sicilia’s ass nice and red, a sprinkling of some pussy play, a basting of some cunnilingus, and then a wet polishing of his hard cock just to get things started. Finally he demands she squats on his rod and fuck him hard. He blows his load all over her and finishes her off with a clitoral tongue lashing. Whew! Master Eric X worked up quite the appetite on this one!

Robotic Gangbang

Skewered between two robotic fucking machines in both her pussy and her mouth, Sicilia is doubly stuffed like a mouth watering shish kabob. Dr. Swallow uses the oppositional sensations of both hot wax and ice to make his sexy slave squirm. He brilliantly uses a cane and a crop while pushing a vibrator directly on Sicilia’s clit to bring her to multiple hard orgasms that have the bittersweet taste of pain and pleasure.

Workshop Machine Warrior

Eric X is putting the final touches on a complicated program for his Shockspot Fucking Machine when Sicilia literally stumbles into his power strip and shuts down the computer, losing all of his hard work. Motivated to teach her a lesson not to invade his “man cave” without permission, he restrains her to a large wooden utility spool, warms her up with some hard double flogging, then inserts a rather nasty looking stainless steel object of unknown origin into her. Now, having her utmost attention, he flips her over and rigs the fucking machine to help him with some DP at it’s finest as man-meets-machine-meets-girl for maximum intensity.

Trisha Uptown Indulgence

Mistress Irony decides to deny her pet slave, Trisha Uptown, any orgasms. It’s not that Trisha has done anything wrong, it’s rather the fact that Mistress Irony has decided that the day should be all about her and her wants. So she starts off by tying Trisha to the frame of a bed, flogging and paddling her. She makes herself laugh by tying up Trisha’s tongue and having her try to enunciate her words. She plunges a fucking machine into Trisha’s pussy while spanking her, of course, she also demands that Trisha please her until she shivers and quakes in multiple orgasms. All said and done, it may not have been a good day for Trisha but her Mistress sure as hell had a great time in this lezdom session!

Watching Lily Ligotage

Kinky voyeurism with a twist! Lily Ligotage and Rob Gadling watch themselves in a recent movie they shot for Wasteland. As they enjoy seeing and commenting on their film performance, Master Rob treats Lily to several mind blowing orgasms with a magic wand. A very fun, hot and charming scene which you will enjoy!

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Fisting Lily Ligotage

She wasn’t going to call it fisting. She was going to take what her Mistress could dish out. Single tail, crop and caning, again and again she felt her skin tighten under the impact. She breathed deeply through clench teeth. She still would not relent. And even as she felt the spasms from her building orgasm, she still refused to call out the word.

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