The Taming Of Ten

“Are those instructions clear?”, Master David Lawrence asked, speaking slowly and articulating ever word. Ten Amorette did hear him, and nodded her response. The pain on her nipples from the clamps was excruciating, the pole she was straddling has found it’s home deep between her pussy lips and any movement hurt like hell. Now she had to stand on her toes, her muscles started to quiver from the strain. Then the realization hit her, she was only two minutes into her lesson.

Double the MaleDom Pleasure!

Wasteland had the opportunity to shoot with Stephie Staar and Miles Striker recently and this is the first scene with them to be released. After binding her to a trunk with Shibari rope, Miles gives her a stern spanking that she eats up with pleasure. After she is warmed up, he moves on to a variety of impact toys and hot wax, and then finishes off with an extended series of pussy play, bringing her to a grand finale’ of massive orgasms. Welcome to Wasteland!

Red Is The Colour For…

Daisy Layne needs a lesson in “tolerance”, and the best way to start is at the beginning. Restrained and blindfolded, Master Dick Chibbles starts with a barrage of sensations, asking Daisy to identify them by feel and sound. As a reward, Master promises some pleasure, but the pleasure is at a cost.

A Freedom, of Sorts

In a unique move, Sir (Dick Chibbles) has decided to let Daisy Layne experience only the freedom and pleasurable side of his bondage. After removing her collar, temporarily of course, Daisy is overwhelmed with sensations.

Pleasurable, delicious sensations that bring her to a screaming orgasm. If I were Daisy, I would be wondering why Sir being so nice and what does he have in store for her next?

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The Interrogation of Delirious

Master Joseph has caught Delirious snooping around his estate, obviously up to no good. He forcefully takes her to his dungeon and proceeds to interrogate her with a series of psychological games, intense impact and electroshocks. After being unable to break her down with traditional methods, he changes course: to orgasm denial. Will she finally submit and tell him the answers to his questions?

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Alice In Wasteland

It’s a few days before All Hallows Eve and Alice (Trisha Uptown) is up to no good again. She has wandered off and in plain view of everyone, started playing with herself in the garden. Goddess Starla isn’t one to be toyed with and after discovering Trisha fondling the very pussy she owns, she picks her up by her ear and drags her down into the dungeon. Poor Trisha’s shrieks could be heard for miles around as Starla unleashes her fiery vengeance upon her.

Breaking the New Girl

Goddess Starla welcomes newcomer Giselle Humes with nothing short of a breaking full-body beat down. This sultry lass is foulmouthed, defiant and lacking any of the refined qualities that Goddess Starla requires. So having her work cut out for her, Starla dishes out a soup to nuts lashing that has Giselle squirming and writhing as Goddess Starla molds her into a slave worthy of her attention.

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Clips, Clamps & Clothespins

We have a real treat today. Lifestyle couple Dick Chibbles and Daisy Layne, have come to the Wasteland Dungeon for the day to play, and have allowed us to film it. Their Clips, Clamps & Clothespins games are intense at times, but the chemistry they share and the intimate knowledge they have of each other jumps right out at you.

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