The Taming Of Ten

“Are those instructions clear?”, Master David Lawrence asked, speaking slowly and articulating ever word. Ten Amorette did hear him, and nodded her response. The pain on her nipples from the clamps was excruciating, the pole she was straddling has found it’s home deep between her pussy lips and any movement hurt like hell. Now she had to stand on her toes, her muscles started to quiver from the strain. Then the realization hit her, she was only two minutes into her lesson.

Nyssa Nevers Declaration

sa loves the ropes and the feeling of being vulnerable to someone else. The ethereal feeling of being suspended off the ground in Shibari bondage.

Nyssa Nevers Swinging High

Nyssa Nevers is still having some issues with teasing all the boys.  How will she ever learn that that is just not ok?  Well, David, our Master Rigger seems to think he has the answer.  A lesson or two, maybe three and some mind-blowing orgasms.  That should be enough to let Nyassa know it’s just not nice to tease boys.

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Sex Swinging Jade

Master Blackthorne has returned and had brought with him the stunningly beautiful Jade Thomas. Sweet, innocent and totally delectable are the words that came to mind when we first meet her. You see Jade has aspirations of being a Mistress, so what better teacher is there then Wasteland’s first Dungeon Master. What Jade didn’t count on was Master Blackthorne insisting that Jade start her lessons by being his very obedient slave. Literally sex swinging!

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Teen BDSM – Hot Salsa!

When the lovely teen Jade goes for her first Salsa lesson, she swears she knows her instructor. She questions him repeatedly, to no avail. Unconvinced, Jade confronts him with his true identity, “I know your Simon Blackthorne”. The statement is followed almost immediately with her attempting to seduce the now furious dance instructor. The truth of the matter is, she is correct. Master Blackthorne, unhappy with being exposed, decides that Jade needs to learn a lesson in politeness and respect, and so the punishment begins.

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Punishments, Incorporated

Keni isn’t putting up with any shit from this misbehaving hussy. He lays down the law immediately and Ashley’s retraining begins.

Sicilia’s BDSM Initiation

The Big Oxmox advised her not to do so, because there were thousands of bad Commas, wild Question.

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