Dreadlocks And Dildos

Master Shadrack has a new plaything and she is cute as a button with her tattoos and dreadlocks in suspension. Master warms her up with some electro-stim, and then gets down to business with a sequence of flogging, spanking, pussy play and vibrating dildos that bring her to a screaming orgasm. Well played, Master. Well played!

BDSM Barbecue!

Master Eric X loves two things in this crazy world, flogging his sub and his trusty barbecue. Today is a special day, because he get’s to enjoy both. For Master X grilling is relaxing and great for stress, however when Sicilia starts whining for attention, Eric knows his afternoon will be lost. A quick thinker and a master chef, he must put hunger aside and put hand to ass in the name of peace and salvation. Master X then bends Sicilia over a stool, straps her down and get’s to work. Eric whips out his trusty tools of the trade and starts to flog Sicilia’s ass nice and red, a sprinkling of some pussy play, a basting of some cunnilingus, and then a wet polishing of his hard cock just to get things started. Finally he demands she squats on his rod and fuck him hard. He blows his load all over her and finishes her off with a clitoral tongue lashing. Whew! Master Eric X worked up quite the appetite on this one!

Watching Lily Ligotage

Kinky voyeurism with a twist! Lily Ligotage and Rob Gadling watch themselves in a recent movie they shot for Wasteland. As they enjoy seeing and commenting on their film performance, Master Rob treats Lily to several mind blowing orgasms with a magic wand. A very fun, hot and charming scene which you will enjoy!

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Alice In Wasteland

It’s a few days before All Hallows Eve and Alice (Trisha Uptown) is up to no good again. She has wandered off and in plain view of everyone, started playing with herself in the garden. Goddess Starla isn’t one to be toyed with and after discovering Trisha fondling the very pussy she owns, she picks her up by her ear and drags her down into the dungeon. Poor Trisha’s shrieks could be heard for miles around as Starla unleashes her fiery vengeance upon her.

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