Lustful Lily Ligotage

Master Rob has the lovely Lily Ligotage securely bound to a wooden chair and, after giving her a “hot wax treatment”, he instructs her to give him a proper blowjob while, at the same time, get herself off with a large vibrator on her clit and pussy. A great combination of actives in this scene bring her to a screaming orgasms that shakes the rafters of the Wasteland dungeon!

Electrifying April

Master Shadrack has newcomer April restrained to the Y bench and gives her a thorough electro-stim treatment. Starting one her thighs and calves with the UV wand, he then moves up to her torso and breasts with the Taz Zapper to really get her attention! As a reward for taking it so enthusiastically, Shadrack brings her to a screaming orgasms with a large dildo and fingering. Good girl April!

Training Submissive Ava

Master Rob is disgusted by his submissive slave Ava who has trouble remembering her place. He knows only one way to get her back in line. Ava squirms as her hogtied body is splashed with wax, but this just the beginning. It takes a lot to annoy Rob, but Ava has accomplished it for the last time. Will Master Rob end this session with some loving touches or will Ava be pushed beyond her limits in this submissive scene – Training Ava!

Jada’s Misbehavior

We were thrilled to have Master Eric X back with his slave Jada. That is until Jada ripped Master Eric’s pants right before walking unto our set. Our camera men, waiting for Master Eric to start the session, barely had time to turn around and catch what was happening as Master Eric and Jada slap each other arguing over what happened. Jada doesn’t take her punishment for ripping her Master’ pants very willingly, she talks back and provokes every step of the way. Only a hardcore anal sex gets Jada to simmer down and become more of the obedient, apologetic submissive that she should be.

More Petulance?

Speaking of petulance, as we join Eric X, it would seem, that perhaps Cheri has rethought the way she interacts with her Master. Let’s find out how!

Robotic Gangbang

Skewered between two robotic fucking machines in both her pussy and her mouth, Sicilia is doubly stuffed like a mouth watering shish kabob. Dr. Swallow uses the oppositional sensations of both hot wax and ice to make his sexy slave squirm. He brilliantly uses a cane and a crop while pushing a vibrator directly on Sicilia’s clit to bring her to multiple hard orgasms that have the bittersweet taste of pain and pleasure.

Workshop Machine Warrior

Eric X is putting the final touches on a complicated program for his Shockspot Fucking Machine when Sicilia literally stumbles into his power strip and shuts down the computer, losing all of his hard work. Motivated to teach her a lesson not to invade his “man cave” without permission, he restrains her to a large wooden utility spool, warms her up with some hard double flogging, then inserts a rather nasty looking stainless steel object of unknown origin into her. Now, having her utmost attention, he flips her over and rigs the fucking machine to help him with some DP at it’s finest as man-meets-machine-meets-girl for maximum intensity.

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